Times are changing for Dealership Marketing

Office Desk with Tools and Notes About Digital Marketing

Are you putting dealership marketing dollars into the right mix to get the most bang for your buck?

Dealership marketing should be a working formula of outbound (radio, TV, and print ads) and inbound  dealership marketing (website, email, social media, and mobile) take ROI to a whole new level. Especially when you fully embrace and incorporate digital. Forming relationships through online customer engagement is just as important as and sometimes more important than  throwing content to the masses and hoping it sticks.

Just having an online presence alone is not enough to set your dealership apart from competitors down the road. Dealers need to have a strong digital voice in their advertising. Studies have found that 67% of shoppers may only visit one or two dealerships before buying. They do most of their research online ahead of time. 50% conduct their research on a mobile device. Using digital resources like consumer reviews, dealer websites and even asking advice from friends and family on Facebook is the new norm for buyers in the market.

Your content, if done correctly, should highlight your inventory and drive shoppers into your dealership. By creating the right mix of quality content and buyer’s interest you should organically attract more traffic to your showroom. This gives the buyer a sense that they are in control because they found and chose to do business with you, rather than you pushing yourself on them.

Track your ROI

Utilize digital platforms that track your ROI and report engagement. This is important to make sure your dollars are well spent. Clarivoy recently conducted a survey, ‘2017 State of the Automotive Attribution Report’, that reported only 30% of dealers, out of the 120 surveyed, are satisfied with how they measure their data. 30% is not a confident percentage of people that know how their marketing budget is working for them. Which is why it’s imperative to understand the analytics of your digital ads to track your ROI.

Car Guru’s reports that digital advertising in the auto industry increased 22% in 2016, and is expected to jump another 17% this year. The guide is broken into four key areas: Linking digital advertising to your sales goals, finding the right advertising platforms, designing ads to maximize user engagement and measuring ad performance. For tips on how to effectively manage your dealership’s digital advertising, follow the link below to their 2017 Guide to Display Advertising.

2017 Display Guide