Wes Crumby, CEO of Subprime Dealer Services, and Tom Stuker Talk Dealership Special Finance on CBT News The Tom Stuker Show

Wes Crumby Shares His Money Making Secrets Within The Special Finance Office

Crumby Reveals The Shark Tank Approach, How to Turn a $600 Deal into a $3,000 Deal and More… This week our CEO Wes Crumby joined Tom Stuker at CBT News to air a feature segment on special finance. Wes shares his knowledge and experience on the subprime industry, lenders, inventory, responsibilities, best practices, and how to make more profit…

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Auto Leads for Dealers Dealerships joining our 24-hour bureau lead program before Thursday, June 1, 2017 get 500 free bankruptcy leads for every month on the program. This also includes 15% off the monthly lead price for the first three months and unlimited BDC support for setting more dealership appointments! This program targets active shoppers…

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Key Components For Successful Dealership Lead Generation Programs [VIDEO]

Dealers need the right lenders, right inventory levels, right staff and right marketing to yield positive results off subprime trigger lead programs. Meet our very own VP of Sales, Danielle Ross. Watch as she unfolds all of the key components needed for a successful lead generation program at your dealership. WATCH NOW

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The Numbers Don’t Lie: Automotive Lead Opportunities Available for Dealerships Targeting Open and Closed Bankruptcies

The American Bankruptcy Institute reported 107,918 non-commercial Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings for January and February 2017. U.S. filings increased 5 percent year-over-year in January. February consumer filings declined 10 percent. March statistics might just be a pivotal moment for 2017 filings. ABI Executive Director Samuel J. Gerdano predicts, “More financially distressed consumers…

How Dealerships Can Use LinkedIn Advertising to Generate Automotive Leads

Dealership Marketing Strategies for LinkedIn Advertising LinkedIn recently rolled out a new lead generation form for marketers to use when sponsoring posts. Prior to this form, advertisers struggled with measuring ROI and converting leads to customers. We know impressions, engagement, clicks and click thru rates… but what about the who, when and why without having…