Tom Stuker Reveals Industry Breaking Training Product

Tom Stuker's ATN

Tom Stuker Launches Automotive Training Network (ATN):
An Interactive Automotive Sales Training Module for Dealerships

Michigan, USA – May/June 2014
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Stuker Training announces a new web-based sales training platform for automotive dealerships worldwide, called Automotive Training Network (ATN). The interactive communication tool is home to a series of activities and videos teaching sales strategies and techniques to a dealer’s sales force. Users can expect realistic phone-up practice sessions and post-assessment checks – all intended to help elevate any salesperson’s performance. More importantly, the educational foundation is built-on and hosted by the world’s most famous automotive consultant in the industry, Tom Stuker. Stuker’s training combines legacy sales practices with modern-day technologies and sales methods; a formula that goes full-circle and offers invaluable sales insight.

“Other available training platforms are area-specific, like training show-floor and in-store interactions. Automotive Training Network provides salespeople with the knowledge of how to sell a car within any environment and situation. It teaches the proactive behaviors essential to building and maintaining a salesperson’s career,” stated Tom Stuker, CEO of Stuker Training.

Tom Stuker’s ATN is the ultimate online platform for engaging a learning audience, honing in on user-experience and driving results every dealership desires. The tool is easy-to-use with 24/7 secure access to interactive training – meaning it conveniently fits into every individuals schedule. It is also the most cost-effective solution in terms of content-rich material, proven techniques, training effectiveness, unlimited usage and consistent repetition.

As part of quantifying retention and effectiveness, the tool offers progressive testing that measures employee understanding and performance. That’s right, a tool that automates accountability! Leadership teams now have direct access to real-time reporting to track: who is learning, who is not and who needs extra coaching. This is the perfect plan for ensuring a dealers’ sales force are engaging, listening and learning!

Dealerships can request access to Automotive Training Network (ATN) by filling out a contact form or by calling
1-800-999-5277 to speak with a Stuker representative.

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About Tom Stuker
Tom Stuker is a renowned leader in the world of automotive sales and management consultation. Known as the founder of the BDC concept, author of Guaranteed Sales Success, star of reality TV series Car Lot Rescue, United’s 16 million-mile flier and owner of Stuker Training, Tom runs a world-class BDC that educates and trains sales professionals in automotive dealerships around the world. For the past three decades, Stuker has trained many of today’s well-known automotive sales professionals (including Grant Cardone, Alan Ram & Jerry Thibeau) making him the, “trainer’s trainer.” He has transformed over 15,000 dealerships worldwide – developing sales teams, improving sales processes and increasing overall profitability. Tom’s appearances in major publications, news broadcast programs, automotive conventions and other media outlets, not only motivate his global network, but make him a respected legend in the automotive industry. Stuker has been featured on Fox News, ABC’s 20/20, TODAY, CNN and Nightline. Learn more about Tom Stuker’s accomplishments by calling 800-999-5277 or visiting online.

About Stuker Training
Stuker Training is the premier automotive BDC that dealerships rely on for interactive, live and in-house sales training solutions. Built on the foundation of Tom Stuker, Stuker Training is the central hub for training, development and improvement. Popular offerings include the Take No Prisoners (TNP) Bootcamp, Guaranteed Sales Success Volume 5 and Automotive Training Network. TNP is an on-site, hands-on training University customized to unlock the potential of a dealerships sales force and CRM. Guaranteed Sales Success, a training manual written by Stuker, provides automotive salespeople with the skills and plans in order to sell 20 units per month on less than 10 quality conversations per day. Tom Stuker’s Automotive Training Network (ATN) is an all-access, virtual training center that salespeople use to improve and expand on their sales approach and performance. To learn more about Stuker Training, call 800-999-5277 or visit online.

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