The Truth about Automotive Trigger Leads

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Automotive trigger leads often cause dealerships to experience mixed feelings regarding the value and benefit to their sales team prior to ever buying them. I’m going to set the record straight and tell you exactly what they are, how they are obtained, how they work and how your dealership can benefit from them.

Trigger leads are ready-to-buy customers.
Trigger leads are potential automotive buyers that have had their credit score report pulled by a dealer or lender within the last 24 hours. Trigger leads are “hot” leads because they are actively pursuing an auto loan to buy a car today!

What qualifies a consumer as a trigger lead?
Sub-Prime’s trigger leads are refreshed daily and target consumers that have applied for auto financing at a local credit union or bank, applied for credit through a dealership near your location, applied for a loan modification with their current lender, submitted an online application to pull a credit report or applied for a lease modification or extension through their current lender.

Turn frustrated prospects into happy customers.
There are times when a dealership is unable to finance a sub-prime prospect because they do not have the right lenders or inventory in stock. As these consumers get pushed away, your plate of prospects grows! Before you know it, you’re closing a deal and your client is driving away in a new vehicle.

How do I target trigger leads?
Sub-prime’s trigger lead process is simple (view the demo). You specify the geographic radius by zip code and determine the FICO/Beacon score range you want to target. Based on this information, you will be provided with new leads per this criteria each morning. Our leads are scrubbed daily against the do-not-call list, they are the freshest on the market, they do not require any long-term contractual obligations and they are affordable. In addition to this, you can track and manage your leads through our virtual CRM system. From here, you also have the option to setup and manage direct mail marketing efforts.

Is the trigger lead process legal?
The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) allows inquiry triggers to be used in both the automotive and mortgage industries. Trigger leads are considered to be “pre-screened” firm offers of credit.  Approximately 180 million consumers nationwide fall into this daily process, making it the preferred credit-based consumer list for marketers who value quality and flexibility.

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